Jon Weiss

Circus Performer / Clown / Comedian / Actor / Balancer Extraordinaire

In the circus world Jon is a triple threat performer; Daredevil, Host and Comedic Performer. Jon also has a natural ability to balance, and we’re not talking about his checking account!

Like something straight out of a Hollywood movie, Jon graduated high school and joined the circus. Jon left Long Island for love… love of the circus & love of a girl. Jon and his high school sweetheart Laura were married at Center Ring of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Jon’s natural ability to balancing just about anything played a big part in getting him in the door of the circus world, starting out as clown and quickly becoming the featured performer of the world classic human cannonball act, where he was propelled out of a cannon more than 5000 times while performing for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Every time, it was his wife, Laura, a dancer for the show, who would launch Jon from the cannon. Jon retired from this world famous act and became the Host of the Greatest Show on Earth. And for 27 years Jon has been entertaining audiences around the country.

Jon’s ability to entertain audiences did not stop at the tent entrance. Jon became part of a team who raced around the world for one million dollars on the Emmy Award Winning CBS show, “The Amazing Race”. Although Jon fell short of the million dollar prizecoming in 4th place, he won the hearts of viewers from around the world. This recognition awarded Jon with the role of Host of the CBS live internet talk show, “The Finish Line”. “Besides the amazing experience I had on “The Amazing Race”, one of my favorite memories during the experience was balancing pens on my nose for the children in India. They got a kick out of it”. Clearly, it’s Jon’s big heart that captures all audiences!

Hollywood wasn’t done with Jon, when the opportunity came to work “Water for Elephants”, Jon was up to the challenge. Loving the new found creative outlet, Jon welcomes every audition, from commercial to film.

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